(VIDEO) DISH, Experian Will Chart Future Of Addressable Advertising At Beet.TV Leadership Event

Not quite a decade ago, Experian was an integral player in the first test of addressable television advertising. Now, brand marketers are asking the information services provider to take them "beyond addressable TV" to coordinated, cross-channel targeting and advertising campaign measurement.

How to achieve success along the way will be one of many topics of discussion when Experian Marketing Services and DISH Media Sales host marketing and media professionals at the next Beet.TV leadership summit, scheduled for July 26 in Manhattan. Titled Finding New Paths in Cross-Channel Addressability, the event will address key learnings to date and what the future portends for brands as addressable leaps into its next evolutionary phase.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Brienna Pinnow, Director of Product Marketing for Experian Marketing Services, says the company's national database has information pertaining to "just about everybody in the country." That information, ranging from basic gender to purchase intent, has fueled untold addressable TV ad campaigns.

"Now we're seeing advertisers taking it beyond addressable TV and saying, 'Hey I want to go addressable across channels. I want coordinated cross-channel,'" Pinnow says. "Addressable TV plus mobile. I want to see if that one plus one actually does equal three."

One of the biggest trends she sees this year in the addressable space is the continuing emergence of "so many different new, cool emerging types of datasets."

A common misconception is that, being a third-party data provider, Experian shuns marketer data from other sources.

"We're all about being that neutral, third-party in the middle that helps advertisers activate whatever data they want, even if it is another third-party data provider," Pinnow says. "We're all about making that happen and finding those people across channels wherever they are."

The Beet.TV leadership summit  will feature the following speakers and moderators:

Mike Bologna, President, Modi Media (GroupM) Amy DeHaen, VP of Advanced TV, Cadreon (IPG)

Adam Gaynor, VP, Media Sales & Analytics, DISH Media Sales

Kevin Heindl, Director of Partner and Advertiser Solutions, Experian Marketing Services

Prasad Joglekar, General Manager, Viewer Measurement, DISH Media Sales

Chris Harter, SVP, TV Partnerships, Cardlytics

Joanna O'Connell, Chief Marketing Officer, MediaMath (Moderator)

Tracy Scheppach, EVP, Publicis Media Exchange

Matt Spiegel, SVP, MediaLink (Moderator)

Jay Stocki, VP of Product Management, Experian Marketing Services

Andre Swanston, CEO Tru Optik

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