VIDEO: Ex-Church Members Reveal What Scientology Cost Them

In, Lugli has asked ex-Scientologists to talk about what they lost after spending years in the church.
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In December, we debuted two videos by Tiziano Lugli, a Los Angeles music producer and filmmaker. They were short, witty looks at Scientology's funny language as spoken by numerous ex-church members and a few actors.

There are no actors in Tiziano's new video, which he is premiering today.

In The Losing Game, Lugli has asked ex-Scientologists to talk about what they lost after spending years in the church. You might recognize some of them, including Marc Headley, Jenna Miscavige Hill, Karen de la Carriere, Tory Christman, Michael Fairman, and Mike Rinder.

We think you'll see why Tiziano wanted to wait some time after his last videos to release The Losing Game. It packs a punch.

Did you recognize everyone? Here's the list of people, in the order they appear:

Dallas Hill, Christie Collbran, Mike Rinder, Jenna Miscavige Hill, Tiziano Lugli, Joy Grayson, Sky Fairman, Tory Christman, Jamie Sorrentini Lugli, Karen de la Carriere, Marc Headley, Daryl Sorrentini, Claudio Lugli, Kelly Wasserman, Astra Woodcraft, Renata Lugli, Michael Fairman.

Even if you're new to Scientology watching, you may recognize most of those names, and you'll know that what they're referring to is Scientology's toxic policy of "disconnection." By leaving the church, their family members who remain in the church are forced to cut off all ties with them. And while we think of someone like Marc Headley doing so well in his life after Scientology, this video helps us remember what he gave up.

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