Facebook Passes YouTube for Desktop Video: comScore's Fulgoni

Facebook Passes YouTube for Desktop Video: comScore's Fulgoni
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CHICAGO -- Less than a year after it began testing auto-playing video, Facebook is the winner in a tipping point against rival Google.

"In the month of August, on desktop viewing, they delivered about a billion more views than YouTube, which is pretty amazing," comScore co-founder and chairman emeritus Gian Fulgoni reveals to Beet.TV in this video interview.

"While there's reach advantage for auto-play, there's an issue as to whether you're getting good engagement. You're getting good engagement from user-initiated [video on YouTube] by definition. If you figure how to create the video so it grabs people's attention, you may have the benefits of high reach as well as engagement."

Facebook still trails Google Sites for video views across total devices combined, according to comScore Video Metrix. But Facebook has come a long way in the last year, announcing in September it now gets a billion video views per day, with views having increased 50 percent from May through July of this year. The social network bought video ad tech firm LiveRail this summer as it plans to monetize those views.

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