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WATCH: Becoming Fearless About Money

Money's a notoriously sticky subject, considering how tied up it is with not only our livelihoods but our senses of self-worth. In this exclusive Becoming Fearless video, Arianna Huffington and a variety of high-profile celebs and financial experts share some of the hard-won money lessons that have kept them solvent and successful over the years.

From "Money Rules" author Jean Chatzky to entrepreneur Bill Rancic to comedians Kathy Griffin and Lisa Lampanelli, these all-star experts have mastered the art of being fearless with money while pursuing their passions. Says Rancic, “A lot of people confuse being fearless with your money to being foolish with your money. And that’s not necessarily the case.”

"I always tell people, 'The most important thing to do with your paycheck as soon as you get paid is to pay yourself first,'" notes "Closing Bell" anchor Maria Bartiromo.

The 10-part Becoming Fearless video series is sponsored by Toyota Corolla and will run through August. Hosted by Arianna Huffington and inspired by her book "On Becoming Fearless," the series will explore how fear affects our lives -- while celebrating the strength, courage and resilience that result from overcoming it (or at least trying to).

During the course of the series, Arianna will be joined by noted individuals -- Martha Stewart, Sherri Shepherd, Dr. Phil -- as they examine fearlessness and its impact on love, money, parenting, work, health and beauty.

What lessons have you learned about money and fearlessness? Comment below, or tweet us all about it @HealthyLiving using the hashtag #becomingfearless. Tweeters will be automatically entered into Toyota Corolla's Most Fearless Tweet Contest! (Click here for the Official Rules.)