VIDEO: Forget Pizza Rat! Here Comes Peek-a-boo Rat

It's so cute you almost forget it's a rat. ALMOST.

Ever since pizza rat emerged from the sewers of NYC to take over the Internet, people have been obsessing about our furry-yet-frightening friends that lurk in the shadows around us.

In this trending video uploaded to YouTube in April, a woman plays an intense game of peek-a-boo with a her rat friend. It's adorable and exciting, at least until you get totally grossed out when you remember she's playing with a rat.

The video doesn't identify the dreadlocked woman or explain why this rat loves her so much, but the little creature seems thrilled to be playing with her.

Given the cuteness factor, it's nearly enough to make you forget rats are disease-ridden rodents that eat their own feces.

But as it turns out, domesticated rats can actually make great pets, according to BuzzFeed, which also claims they are smart beings that form bonds with humans.