Video: Forum 2000 Opening Panel


Photo: His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, greets me at the Forum 2000 Opening Panel Discussion: "Societies in Transition"

Forum 2000 set up by Vaclav Havel, an intellectual giant, philosopher, writer and the first President of the Czeck Republic. Forum 2000 is driven by his vision of bringing people from different cultures, religions and political backgrounds to discuss ways to preserve and deepen democracy, respect for human rights, tolerance and freedom.

In order to craft a developmental path that is inclusive and effective, more voices need to be heard. We need to give our youth an opportunity to have their voices heard and give women equal opportunity to craft this pathway.

I spoke in the Opening Panel: Societies in Transition: Do we have Universal Aspirations, held on the morning of the 16th September 2013. For those of you that missed the live stream of the event, here follows a video of what I had to say.