Video Game Outrages Anti-Immigration Activists -- Play It

Breakthrough (www.breakthrough.tv), an international human rights organization, today launched its compelling video game, ICED! (I Can End Deportation), to help reframe the immigration debate in the United States and ensure due process and fairness for all those who live in the country. The game is available for free download at www.icedgame.com.

Designed to spark dialogue and create awareness of unfair U.S. immigration policies, ICED! I Can End Deportation (a play on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department), is a free, 3D downloadable game that teaches players about current immigration laws on detention and deportation that affect legal permanent residents, asylum seekers, students and undocumented people by violating human rights and denying due process.

Game players can choose one of five characters to inhabit and live out the day-to-day life of an immigrant youth. The youth are being chased by immigration officers, while making moral decisions and answering myth and fact questions about current immigration policies. If the player chooses or answers incorrectly, he/she increases his/her chances of being thrown into detention. Once in detention, the player endures both physical separation from his/her family and unjust conditions while awaiting -- often for unknown amounts of time -- the random outcome of his/her case.