21 Video Games Everyone Should Play Before They Die

How many have you conquered?

There's only so much summer left to spend locked in your room playing video games. We advise that you use the remaining days well.

While we hesitate to call these the "best games ever made," they certainly are strong contenders. But we prefer to think of this as a collection of titles that could help the layman get a sense of what video games are all about. We're not including historically relevant but stuffy things like "Pong" -- instead, we're focusing on fun, great games you'd actually want to play today.

We expect that you'll have quibbles or suggestions of your own: Please sound off in the comments below.


Damon Beres covers consumer technology, video games and the many ways humans interact with their devices. He is based in New York. You can contact him at damon.beres@huffingtonpost.com or on Twitter: @dlberes.


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