Student's Amazing Reflexes Help Him Dodge Falling Glass Ceiling

"I thank God for saving me from this."

A college student in Argentina is hailing a “miracle” after he dodged a glass ceiling as it crashed to the floor.

Pablo Onocko had just walked inside a building in the northeastern city of Resistencia to take shelter from a violent storm on Wednesday night when he heard the glass canopy above detaching.

Surveillance footage shows him looking upward and then instinctively diving to the ground. Incredibly, the heavy glass pane missed him altogether.

I thank God for saving me from this,” Onocko wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday. “The truth is that it was a miracle.”

The world stopped for a second for me,” he told the local Las Breñas Digital news website. “The shock that it gave me cannot be believed.”

An unidentified security guard standing behind a counter also avoided injury by reacting and moving away at just the right moment.