This Video Finally Ends The Harry Potter-Star Wars Debate

This Video Finally Ends The Harry Potter-Star Wars Debate

The debate between whether a wizard from the world of "Harry Potter" or a Jedi Knight would win in a battle is no joke. Neither is taking someone's phone charger without telling them. But what happens when a Jedi steals a wizard's phone charger without telling him? A battle of astronomical proportions that presents a solution to the aforementioned debate.

YouTube users RackaRacka describe themselves as "wannabe Film-makers on a rampage!" and based on their latest creation, "Harry Potter VS Star Wars," we'd say these guys are on the right track. Filled with combat special effects that would make a young Michael Bay or Edgar Wright blush, the actors recite famous lines from each of the series' films (there's even a nod to "Lord of the Rings" at the very end). Whether you agree with the outcome or not, there is one indisputable truth that emerges: Make sure you open the window before you jump on your flying broomstick.

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