Video: How Anti-Abortion Measures Can Hurt All Pregnant Women

National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) Video Urges Colorado and South Dakota Residents to Vote No on 48 and 11.

Anti-Abortion Measures Can Hurt All Women.

As the abortion issue takes center stage and we count down to Election Day, NAPW has produced a video about the proposed measures in Colorado and South Dakota supporting "fetal rights" -- laws which assert the unborn has separate and greater rights than pregnant women -- and how they are being used to punish and hurt all pregnant women, including those going to term. The video explains how these anti-abortion ballot measures pose a real threat to the rights, welfare and even the lives of pregnant women. Voters are urged to vote "NO" on Amendment 48 in Colorado and "NO" on Measure 11 in South Dakota.

Please find a URL link below to connect to NAPW's short video on Colorado's Amendment 48 and South Dakota's Measure 11 and how such anti-abortion measures can hurt all pregnant women.

The video can also be accessed at NAPW's website: