Motorcyclist Crashes After Unsecured Cargo Falls Off A Boat And Onto Minnesota Highway

Incredibly, he only suffered minor injuries from the crash.

A motorcyclist is lucky to be alive after crashing into an unsecured load that fell into the road.

The unidentified item dropped off a boat being towed by an SUV on Interstate 94 in Minnesota on June 18. Dramatic new video shows the motorcyclist hitting the cargo and being thrown into the air:

The rider lands hard on the asphalt as the motorcycle flies across the highway and into the emergency lane.

Horrified witnesses -- including Linda Leverty, who captured the terrifying crash on her dash cam and posted the footage to Facebook -- pulled over to check on the motorcyclist. Incredibly, the good Samaritans discovered he had only suffered minor injuries.

"What a relief," Leverty said.

She later said the SUV driver did not stop to help.

"While were on the scene, he never returned," she posted on Facebook.

The Huffington Post has reached out for further information.

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