Video: Inside Look at AFER Team Bringing Prop 8 Case to Supreme Court

It's been an absolutely amazing week for equality -- it seems like the whole country is rallying around the freedom to marry. As the Prop 8 case finally reached the Supreme Court on Tuesday, AFER took a camera crew along to document all the behind-the-scenes excitement. The result: an exclusive inside look as the Prop 8 plaintiffs, attorneys, and board finally reached the Supreme Court.

Highlights include plaintiffs Paul & Jeff's nervous anticipation the day before; the giddy excitement as Rob Reiner and Ken Mehlman wait in line to enter the court; Cleve Jones recalling how the words of Harvey Milk foreshadowed this day; and the adrenaline rush after the arguments conclude.

The unforgettable day concludes with few parting words of inspiration from Dustin Lance Black: "We're not done in this movement for LGBT equality. So, next is get back to work! And keep fighting to make sure the next generation's lives are better than ours. I think that's our job as Americans."