VIDEO: Kansans Laugh at Rep. Tiahrt's Health Reform Lies

It's been a barrel of laughs this summer for Kansas Republicans.

However, instead of Rep. Lynn Jenkins laughing at uninsured constituents, we find voters actually laughing at another Kansas Republican -- Rep. Todd Tiahrt. Earlier this summer, Tiahrt held a town hall meeting on health care reform and made the false claim that H.R. 3200 will set a cap on doctors wages. That claim has been debunked across the board and the attendees knew it.

It's really a stunning rebuke of Kansas Republicans and their lies:

This is just another sign of the tide turning against the Republicans in Kansas.

Need more proof?

Kansans are tired of these theatrics and outright lies while expecting solutions from their elected leaders. The public is looking for an honest debate on important issues like health care, but are instead faced with lies and disdain from Kansas Republicans.

That's why we've seen a statewide turn of events away from the GOP. Midsummer we saw Sens. Brownback and Roberts' approval ratings drop and reports that pro-health care reform crowds were outnumbering opposition at a Lynn Jenkins town hall in Lawrence.

Can't forget not one, but two big rallies in support of Rep. Dennis Moore this summer. And do we really need to recap Laughing Lynn Jenkins' no good very bad horrible August recess?

There are plenty of naysayers floating around, but I'll tell you this -- Democrats have the momentum in Kansas right now. Kansans are tired of being lied too and sick of the blatant partisan politics that dominate the Kansas Republican Party. Do you wanna know how bad it is for them? Just last week, the Republicans were so desperate that had to use old unemployment numbers to try and raise money.

That's pretty crass -- even for them.

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