Lawmakers Squabble Over GM Plant Locations (VIDEO)

Lawmakers Squabble Over GM Plant Locations (VIDEO)

With the General Motors bankruptcy just hours old, lawmakers are already jockeying for control over where GM plants will be located.

Just yesterday, Republican Lamar Alexander of Tennessee suggested to the Senate that his home state would make a great home for GM plants. Senator Alexander also expressed concern that the Obama administration would build future GM plants in Democrat-controlled states.

Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that there's already a battle emerging on Capitol Hill between legislators from states like Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, who are battling for the future of GM :

"Skeptics say that despite the government's pledge to stay out of the way, the process is going to get messy.

'I think where GM builds its next plant is going to be more of a political decision than a business decision," said Rep. Pete Hoekstra, a Republican from western Michigan. "For the foreseeable future, these car companies will be run by the Obama administration, and it will not be arm's length.'"

Watch the full video of Sen. Alexander's speech below:

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