Dramatic Video Captures Rescue Of Lily Groesbeck, Toddler Trapped In Submerged Car

Newly released video shows the intense moment Utah officers rescued a toddler trapped in an upside-down, submerged car.

Lily Groesbeck, just 18 months old, was stuck in the car for 14 hours after her mother, Lynn Groesbeck, 25, crashed into an icy river. The mother died in the March 7th accident, but her child survived.

In the body camera video released by Spanish Fork Police, first-responders can be seen sprinting to the overturned vehicle before plunging into the river.

"I'm not seeing any movement," someone can be heard saying as the car doors are propped open. Just moment later, another voice says, "Oh, god, there's a baby."

Though the scene is chaotic, police and paramedics remain calm, working together to keep the vehicle propped up as an officer takes Lilly in his arms.

"Come on, baby!" the man says as he rushes to an ambulance. He notes that the little girl appears hypothermic.

"Come on, sweetheart, come on, baby," a female paramedic says.

Lily was in critical condition and flown to a nearby hospital, where she made a miraculous recovery. Prior to her release last Wednesday, she could be seen singing "Wheels on the Bus" with her father, ABC News reported.

Officer Jared Warner told the Desert News that he and four other officers presumed there weren't any survivors in the car until they heard an unknown voice crying out for help.

"We've gotten together and just talkin' about it, and all four of us can swear that we heard somebody inside the car saying, 'Help,'" Warner said.

Devin Trafny can be seen holding his daughter to the camera in a video he released last week. "Say hi to everybody," Trafny says as the girl fidgets in his arms. "Say 'I'm ok, I'm gonna make it, I'm just really tired right now and need a nap.'"

Lily appears to wave goodbye to the camera as the video ends.