How 'The Mindy Project' Almost Ruined This Man's Surprise Proposal

08/28/2014 06:28pm ET | Updated August 28, 2014

Proposing is sometimes a lot harder than it looks -- that's the lesson one man learned recently when his surprise proposal was almost derailed by something as simple as watching "The Mindy Project".

Brandon Campbell had his proposal all planned out: he would pop the question to his girlfriend, Paula Mcintyre, using an adorable video featuring Paula's friends and family urging her to "Say yes". Watch it below:

Brandon planned to play the video at the climbing gym in Nashville where the two met and fell in love. It sounds simple enough, but when then big day came, getting the love of his life to the gym for no reason at all was more challenging than he anticipated.

"I burst in the door ready to go climb/propose and Paula has lunch ready, not something I was planning on," Brandon told The Huffington Post via e-mail. "Also I'm sweating profusely, and my mind is only on one thing -- getting this salad in my stomach so I can go propose!!!"

Brandon ate as quickly as he could while attempting to sidestep any questions about his sweaty, nervous demeanor. As soon as lunch ended, he picked up where he left off -- but then came the next hurdle.

"I'm almost ready to go and Paula turns on 'The Mindy Project'. Dammit Mindy!" he said jokingly. "I convince her to leave at the next commercial break, thinking it's hilarious that 'The Mindy Project' is the one thing keeping me away from proposing!"

Finally, the lovebirds made it to the gym. Once inside, Paula was taken upstairs where Brandon had everything set up. After few seconds of watching, Paula texted him, "Get in here now."

"I come in and we sit and watch the video, laughing, crying, hugging, and kissing," Brandon said. "Finally I manage to choke out 'Paula Mcintyre, will you marry me?' She said 'Of course of course! I mean yes, yes I will marry you. I love you!'"

"We spent the next two hours apart calling all of our family and friends, no one tells you that!" he said.

Here's Paula making the call:

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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