Mitt Romney's Dog Speaks! Infamous Car Roof Incident Explained

In The Washington Spectator's animated video series, A Brodner Minute, illustrator Steve Brodner skewers the 2012 candidates and other delicious targets.

In "Romney's Dog: The Last Interview," Seamus the Irish Setter (R.I.P.) reflects on the notorious roof-strapping incident, in which happy, singing Romneys on a road trip seem to forget all about the cherished pet just inches above them. Meanwhile, who else is strapped to Mitt Romney's campaign car?

Steve Brodner, the award-winning satiric artist for The New Yorker and other publications, has been skewering the famous and infamous for the last three decades. His work has appeared in most major publications in the U.S. Since 2008, he has produced animation for The New Yorker, PBS, and Slate. He lives and draws in New York City. His website is