Video of Al Gore's Speech

Al Gore gave an electrifying speech in Washington today. He said, "[T]he president of the United States has been breaking the law repeatedly and persistently." The Democratic presidential candidate and the popular vote winner of the 2000 election called the actions of the current President unconstitutional and said a special prosecutor should be appointed immediately to investigate these illegal actions.

Watch clips from the speech here. This is provided by We will air these clips again on The Young Turks tonight (6PM EST), including a report from our correspondent at the speech and full analysis. As you can see from this video, Gore gave an impassioned, eloquent and truly noteworthy speech.

On what possible basis is this not the top news story of the day? Every cable news outlet in the country should have covered the speech, instead none of them did. None of them!

The Democrats need to wake up to the fact that the cable "news" stations are the enemy. They are constantly propping up this administration despite the disastrously poor approval ratings of the President. They vilified Bill Clinton, who was immensely popular. They covered non-existent scandals under Clinton and refuse to cover grotesque ones under this administration.

Clinton had an approval rating of 72% at the height of his impeachment proceedings and if you turned on American television you would have thought the country hated him. President Bush's approval ratings are in the low 40s right now and if you turn on television, it seems like he is a well liked American hero bravely fighting two necessary wars. How long are the cable news stations going to cover for this administration before the Democratic Party rebels? They are cleaning your clocks and you don't even realize it!

If you don't believe me, go to the video tape. Media Matters has clip after clip of Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, let alone Fox News Channel sucking up to the Republicans and bashing the Democrats.

I don't believe CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel got together in a smoke filled room and decided to support the Republican Party because their corporate bosses demanded it. But I do believe they have mindlessly followed Fox News Channel, which clearly has an agenda, because Fox got slightly better ratings. They have been manipulated into believing this nonsense about a liberal media bias and they are grossly over compensating.

One way to snap them out of it is for Democratic leaders to demand accountability. We have to demand fairness, otherwise they are going to keep mangling the news to the benefit of a far right-wing agenda.

Success is possible. Print journalism was also under the spell of this administration for several years after 9/11, but they have broken loose now. They cover the stories wherever they might lead. I do not believe they have much of a bias at all now. TV stands as the lone holdout in one-sided "journalism." If the Democrats can pull this card out from underneath the administration, the whole house of cards will come crumbling down.

As much as we are all trying so hard on the internet to provide an alternative and the papers are running stories of gross constitutional violations, 74% of Americans still get their news from television. It is the last fortress of the conservative echo chamber and it must be scaled. The people are waiting to be liberated on the other side. Let's get to them.