Video Of California Wildfires Is A Driving Tour Through Hell

The scene from a car window in the Northern California town of Paradise shows the fire's relentless fury.

Video from one of the communities hit hardest by wildfires raging in California is a horrifying road trip through hell.

In the clip, posted to Facebook by Brynn Parrott Chatfield on Thursday, two people in a car race along a highway surrounded by flames as one of the occupants prays for safety. Chatfield wrote that they were in Paradise, a Northern California town where the entire population of 27,000 was ordered to evacuate.

“I feel very vulnerable posting this but I feel I should,” Chatfield wrote on Facebook. “My hometown of Paradise is on fire. My family is evacuated and safe. Not all my friends are safe. It’s very surreal. Things always work out, but the unknown is a little scary.”

Watch Chatfield’s video below:

The occupants of the car eventually make it out of the harrowing tunnel of fire uninjured.

Homes, supermarkets, businesses, restaurants, schools and a retirement home went up in flames in Paradise, according to The Associated Press. 

We were surrounded by fire, we were driving through fire on each side of the road,” Mark Bass, a police officer who lives in Paradise, told AP.

Brushfires also kicked off mandatory evacuations across Ventura and Los Angeles counties in Southern California, with two blazes ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 acres, according to Cal Fire. Some 75,000 homes there have been evacuated.

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