Shocking Video Of Homeless Man Beaten; Alleged Attacker, Taylor Giresi, And Cameraman Face Charges

Police arrested a young man and his teenaged buddy for allegedly attacking a homeless man and then sharing videos of the staged beating on the internet.

Taylor Giresi, 20, allegedly shoved, punched and kicked a transient in a wooded part of Wall Township, N.J. while his 17-year-old partner in crime worked the camera and encouraged the ambush with feisty words, TV station WABC says. There were two videos online that appeared to be different attacks on the same man.

The footage begins with Giresi talking into the camera, saying he's "about to go beat up a bum," and that it's "about to be a knockout," according to the Asbury Park Press
As Giresi allegedly approaches the 50-year-old victim, the cameraman, thirsty for violence, urges him to "Just dive on him," the Associated Press reports.

The attacker happily obliges.

After the merciless pounding, the duo steal the man's bicycle, the AP said.

A second video followed a similar routine with the young cameraman urging Gires to pounce on the same man.

After the victim's nose is bloodied, Giresi insincerely apologizes and hugs the homeless man, only to drive a knee into his guts or crotch one last time.

It's unknown when the incidents took place, but police say they learned about the videos on Sunday, the Asbury Park Press says. The videos are no longer available on YouTube.

Giresi was charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit assault, robbery and theft of movable property, according to reports. The minor was charged with conspiracy to commit assault and robbery.