Video, People, Language Capture The Energy of Gov 2.0 LA

Wow. Totally amazing weekend. Thank you to all of the Sponsors of Gov20LA. Thank you to all the amazing speakers and panelists and citizens. You made this event so special. Thank you to all the people around the United States, England, Canada, Israel, France, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries who participated in the camp through the live videostream.

One of the key themes in this past weekend's event was "Video is the New Text." Another is that the jargon and language used in Government 2.0 ("Gov 2.0") is holding us back. A third was the focus needs to be on People. Not Technology. Not Platforms. Not Data. But real (IRL) :-) People. The ones who agree, and the ones who disagree.

Other major takeaways:
* Great meeting new people in industry - common theme heard throughout weekend.
* Tremendously smart people in attendance, many commented on this.
* While the industry of Government 2.0 "Gov 2.0" is yet early, the momentum is with us to turn this into a major worldwide industry.

Thank you once again to all who made this such a powerful event!

Alan W. Silberberg, Founder, Gov20LA and Founder, CEO of You2Gov

So With that, Luke Fretwell is one of the planning committee members of Gov20LA; a "Gov 2.0" Innovator, leader and Founder, CEO of GovFresh: He made this video.

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