8 Inspiring Videos Of The People's Climate March

In the days following the People's Climate March, videos from all aspects of the event have been posted online. According to organizers, more than 400,000 people joined the march last Sunday, making it by far the largest climate march in history. Videos show just how far people came from, why they marched, what climate solutions they were excited about and the huge size of the march. Here are a few of our favorites.

This recap was posted by march organizers, highlighting the attention the event received and encouraging participants to keep the momentum going.

Executives and employees from Ikea, Unilever and NRG joined the march along with others who believe businesses can help provide solutions to climate change. This video was made by students from Bard College's MBA in Sustainability program, who speak with march attendees about why they came and what their favorite solutions to climate change are.

Indigenous communities turned out in force for the march as well, leading the pack as communities on the "front lines" of climate change. In this video from Voices of NY, Kyle Ligman spoke with those in the leading group about why the march was important.

Activist singer-songwriter duo William Pilgrim posted this video, which shows the diversity of people at the march and folks' reasons for joining.

Kids were also present in droves at the family-friendly climate march. The Huffington Post talked to dozens of them about why they came to the march and are fighting for the earth. Their answers were both adorable and inspiring.

How many people is 400,000? These next two videos offer a glimpse at the sheer size of the march. The first, a time-lapse by Hudson Media Empire, shows only 25 minutes of the march sped up. Watch the crowds speed by and try to imagine that many people passing by for hours.

This short clip shows drone footage of the march lineup along Central Park West with people as far as the eye can see.

The People's Climate March was accompanied by 2808 solidarity events in 166 countries. This video, uploaded by Borja Zausen, shows just a few of the international marches that took place.



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