Video Premiere: Dewey Decibel & Zilla Rocca - "Cappuccino"

The reason Dewey Decibel's rhymes go hard in the paint is because the MC is always equipped with a brush. The main draw of the video for "Cappuccino" - from his upcoming A Different Drum EP - is to see the creations of the Philadelphia rapper/illustrator in live action. Here, he emerges as the rap game Ralph Steadman. In the sense that Decibel's observations are cartoonish without losing their cool. He prides himself for his "triple OG Kush beatnik ethos." Later, he talks of "blazing Ganja with the Dalai Lama," as he drapes an American flag over his Illuminati hat.

Akin to the bohemian Beverly Hills rock and roller Ariel Pink, Decibel's lack of seriousness demands to be taken seriously. Sitting shotgun in his wild ride is Zilla Rocca, who brews a beat as jumpy as you feel after a shot of Moroccan espresso. Decibel may be a caffeine addict, but every livewire has his vice. At least he uses it for something worthwhile.

A Different Drum EP is available on World Around Records.