Hiring People With Disabilities: What You Can Do

An Unemployment Injustice: The Case For Hiring People With Disabilities
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November comes as National Disability Employment Awareness Month goes, but our work truly begins now! From South Dakota to Ocean City, Md., I have in the last five weeks, spoken about the need for more employment options for all in America.

Unemployment for people with disabilities hit 18 percent in September, about twice the national unemployment rate. We all have work to do.

Whether you are a business owner looking to add staff (did you know about tax benefits from hiring veterans and people with disabilities?), a school looking to educate, or an individual who wants to start her own business, we all can benefit from adding people who want a career -- an identity. Isn't it always our first question when we meet someone new, "What do you do?"

Let's all help people with disabilities find meaningful employment. At Our Ability, our way is twofold. First, we produce web videos about people we know who can serve as role models in and around employment, education and entrepreneur settings. Second, we work with businesses and universities to support employment. Our work takes us into human resources and organizational development.

Over the next few months Our Ability -- with the help of the Huffington Post -- will be posting stories of people with disabilities. We will post profiles of people succeeding in their quest to live the life they desire. These stories are examples of what we all can accomplish by working together to support employment and education for all.

Our Ability needs your help. Please share these stories with others, let us know about employment opportunities and connect Our Ability with great stories we should know about. As the conversation grows, help us raise the level of awareness in and around employment for people with disabilities.

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