Video Shows The Heartbreak Of Loving Someone With Alzheimer's

"Love. It's never less... it's ever-evolving."

Living with a loved one who has Alzheimer's can truly be a painful experience. Along with seeing your once sharp family member decline comes the heartache of becoming a stranger to them.

A powerful video created by BuzzFeed shows the heartbreak of the memory-robbing disease through the eyes of a family member. 

In "Loving Someone With Alzheimer's," a young woman is forced to deal with her mother's declining memory. The young woman had been avoiding going to her mother's home. But a quick trip to pick something up turns into a chance encounter that changes the way she deals with the disease. 

Clearly unsettled when her mother walks in -- and is totally oblivious to her daughter's identity -- the young woman's tough exterior crumbles as she recalls her mother before the disease took over her brain in a flashback to when she was a little girl. 

Then, in a tender moment, she introduces herself to her mother as "Someone who loves you very much."

"Love," the film says, "It's never less... it's ever-evolving."



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