Video: Sanford Whacked Pol For Violating "Oath To His Wife"

Video: Sanford Whacked Pol For Violating "Oath To His Wife"

In light of Mark Sanford's admission that he has been conducted a more-than-year-long affair with an Argentinean woman, a reader sends over some old footage of the South Carolina Republican disparaging a fellow politician for violating his marriage oath.

At the time, Sanford was one of the few congressional Republicans condemning the incoming Speaker of the House, Robert Livingston, for his own marital difficulties. And during an appearance on CNN's Crossfire, he was asked by one Bill Press (who hasn't aged a bit) whether the newly anointed GOP House leader should step down.

"I'm sure there will be a lot of legalistic explanations pointing out the president lied under oath, [Livingston's] situation was not under oath," replied Sanford. "But the bottom line is, he still lied. He lied under a different oath and that is the oath to his wife. so it has got to be taken very seriously."

Many quotes from Sanford's past have been dredged up in recent hours, highlighting his past condemnation of other politicians for sexual inappropriate behavior. And while the newspaper clips underscore a certain level of hypocrisy, video footage has the potential to influence the conversation much more. Sanford's hopes of remaining at his post as governor of South Carolina could depend on how frequently footage like this becomes public in the days ahead.

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