Chilling Video Shows Moments Before Cop Is Shot And Killed (GRAPHIC)

Newly released footage from an Arizona cop's body camera shows the final moments before he was shot and killed by a man who committed suicide shortly afterwards.

GRAPHIC and disturbing footage bellow shows the last minute recorded by 24-year-old Flagstaff police officer Tyler Jacob Stewart's body cam. It ends with the suspect in his killing, Robert William Smith, 28, pulling a gun on Stewart.

The incident took place on Dec. 27.

The Arizona Republic reports that Stewart was interviewing Smith about a fight he allegedly had with his girlfriend earlier that day.

In the video, Stewart asks Smith if he has any weapons on him and Smith says he doesn't.

In the last part of the video, Stewart asks if he can search Smith and as he's patting him down, the suspect pulls out a gun.

Seconds later, police say, Smith shot Stewart multiple times, then grabbed the officer's service weapon and used it to kill himself.

Stewart was declared dead shortly after.

KSAZ reports that Stewart was on the force for less than a year before he was killed.

Donations to Stewart's family can be made at any Wells Fargo bank branch by mentioning the Tyler Stewart Memorial Account or account # 7764473984.

Tim McGuire, who teaches ethics at the Arizona State University, told the Los Angeles Times that this incident is a good example of the value of body cameras.

"That's what these cameras are for," McGuire said. "They're for accountability, and they're designed to minimize controversy and educate the public about how these things come down."

A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll found that 86 percent of Americans support the use of body cameras on police officers.

But, as the death of Eric Garner made clear, even when an incident is caught on tape, it doesn't mean people will see it the same way.

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