(VIDEO) Taboola Adds AP To List Of Publisher Clients

In the battle of the content recommendation titans, the two leading contenders routinely trade new client announcements.

Amongst the latest is Taboola, which says it will power content recommendations inside Associated Press' mobile apps and websites.

The deal is a two-year exclusive, meaning Taboola will serve links to related stories when a reader is reading an article in AP's website or apps.

Taboola CEO Adam Singolda says AP is amongst hundreds of publishers whose mobile app content recommendations are powered by his company, which released an SDK and an API for mobile developers.

"It's one of our largest apps. It has 13 million uniques, which is massive," he says. "If you go in to the app and click a link from 'around the web', you will stay within the app... there's a 'back' button where I can go back."

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