Target's Latest Clothing Ad Plays Proper Homage to Downtown L.A.; Time Magazine Does Not (Video)

According to a recent Time magazine article about the renaissance of downtown L.A., the reason why people go out in that part of town is because of L.A. Live.

Uh, really?

The writer claims people are saying that the neon-light filled district -- along with its proposed football stadium -- represents the "Manhattanization of downtown."

Sure, if he hangs out in Times Square.

What about Villans Tavern, Church & State,  the monthly art walk, the entire Arts District in general, Tony's Saloon, Varnish Room, Thvm Atelier, Secret Service and the Geffen Contemporary? You know, all the places where people who actually live in L.A. go? The list of totally awesome stores, bars, galleries and restaurants -- all of which couldn't feel further away from the vibe of L.A. Live -- goes on and on. And the powerful, arts and fashion-driven downtown scene is the real reason for the area's newfound mass street-cred. Isn't that how these things work -- wherever the cool kids flock, everyone else follows?

Target seems to think so. For fall, the super retailer has captured a bit of our coveted Cali cool with a new downtown-L.A.-shot TV spot for their Vintage Varsity Collection of gear, which, as the commercial states, starts at $7.99.

While you're more likely to find someone peeing in a downtown alley rather than playing bocce there as the commercial depicts, the clip makes it clear that downtown L.A. is worth watching for more than just Lakers games. Plus who doesn't feel lucky to live here every time Marlena Shaw's 1969 jazz hit  "California Soul" comes through the speakers?

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