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VIDEO: The Cochabamba Accord--An Alternative to Copenhagen's Failure

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The climate summit that just wrapped up in Cochabamba was the polar opposite of Copenhagen, not only because it occurred literally on the other side of the world. Instead of being led by the most powerful people of the world, it was led by those at the margins: the poor countries, indigenous peoples, and social movements.

Instead of meetings behind closed doors, ordinary people talked openly about how to take on the biggest crisis facing the planet.

Rather than putting economic growth at the center of the discussions, the people in Cochabamba put Mother Earth, and the humans that can only live if the Earth is sufficiently stable to support life.

A short video, produced for YES! Magazine, on the Cochabamba Accord, shows what was accomplished, including interviews with Naomi Klein, Maude Barlow, and various leaders working for real solutions to our climate crisis.

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