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(VIDEO) Tim Armstrong's Goal of "Open" AdTech Dominance: "Open is the New Black," Says Banker Terry Kawaja

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In a keynote address to some 500 leaders of the adtech industry gathered in New York by the investment bank boutique LUMA partners, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong shared an expansive view on the sale of AOL to Verizon and the future of AOL. He spoke about the future of an open, interoperarable tech stack where buyers and sellers of advertising can transact. Armstrong was interviewed by LUMA's CEO Terence Kawaja who summarized the highlights of Armstrong's comments in this interview with Beet.TV

What struck Kawaja and the audience was Armstrong's "bold" declaration that AOL would be the world's dominant open global media company.

The declaration of "open" permeated the conference stage yesterday, with executives from Facebook, AppNexus, Google and Oracle all saying that their ecosystems are open in some respects, as Kawaja summaries in this video.

Seems that open is a sort of fashion statement in adtech now: Kawaja says that "open is the new black."

In November, AOL president explained the opportunity around an open ecosystem in this interview with AdExchanger.

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