(VIDEO) VideoAmp Uses VC Round To Fuel Cross-Screen Ad Tech Sales In 2016

(VIDEO) VideoAmp Uses VC Round To Fuel Cross-Screen Ad Tech Sales In 2016
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LAS VEGAS -- VideoAmp is a relatively new player to the burgeoning landscape of cross-screen video ad technology vendors.

At least, it may look like that from the outside. The Santa Monica-based outfit spent plenty of time perfecting its platform before taking on a $15m first venture round in November, the latest in German broadcaster RTL Group's ad-tech roll-up.

Now VideoAmp CEO Ross McCray says 2016 is primed to be "the year of execution" for the company he co-founded. So what does VideoAmp bring to the party?

A "cross-device graph", McCray says: "We associate multiple device IDs to a user, we append intelligence to those devices. We'll say, 'here's everything those devices have consumed'; it watches these ads or shows on TV.

"Today, we over 150m unique users in the United States and over a billion devices associated underneath those users, and consumption data across all of them."

That means advertisers will get to more smartly target ads based on a holistic understanding of who exactly is behind the many devices that are now used throughout households.

McCray says an earlier seed round had funded the engineering build-out, but the effort in 2016 will be about sales.

This video is part of a series of interviews about the transformation of television produced at CES and sponsored by SpotX.

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