Video-Streaming- What's best for you?

A few years ago, watching your favorite TV show or movie meant you had to wait eagerly for the days on which they will be aired on TV or the movie to be released.

These days, if they are not available to be streamed online, they might well not exist.

Digital streaming services have helped release the eager consumer from the grips of cable TV subscriptions for just a little entertainment.

Entertainment is now available on-demand. Improved internet speeds, a plethora of digital download offerings and the phenomenal success of mobile video have given the fillip to services like Netflix and Amazon.

Streaming video and music content has spun off investments into original content that run into millions.

While Netflix and Amazon are clearly leaders in original content programming, there are other cheaper options available.

Here is a handy list of TV streaming services along with information on how much they would affect our pockets.

Even though online streaming services are in high demand, these services are kept highly competitive and affordable by a variety of quality players in the field.

With every player offering something unique to suit the needs of every consumer, there are a plethora of factors to choose from- price, the range of offerings, frequency of content update, what kind of hardware is compatible, and a range of other factors.

With so much on the plate, rest assured that there's a streaming service to satisfy all everyone's entertainment needs.