Vidgo Set to Take Live Streaming to a New Level

Staying connected to the outside world is now more important than ever. Everybody likes to have access to information and entertainment, but it used to be accepted that you abandoned this access whenever you left the house. Likewise, traveling abroad or otherwise being away from home meant that you could possibly miss being connected to your local community in more ways than one. As technology continues to accelerate in its growth and brings more possibilities to life, the media and entertainment industries continue to be rocked by the shifts. One notable service, Vidgo, will soon transform the way in which people watch TV.

What Is Vidgo?

VIDGO revolves around a simple concept. Just because you're away from home or traveling doesn't mean that you need to be without entertainment. In essence, Vidgo aims to provide its users with access to all of their favorite television shows from the convenience of a laptop, desktop or mobile device. The simplicity of the service makes it possible for anybody to begin watching TV on their laptop in their living room, move to the bedroom and continue watching on a desktop, and even leave the house and continue watching TV via mobile devices.

The number of broadcasts and media that will be available via Vidgo is phenomenal. You'll be able to tune into any television station - including your local stations - and enjoy live TV, peruse any and all television shows, and even watch movies through the service. The service is designed to work primarily through apps. You'll be able to configure existing TV services like Roku and Amazon Fire Stick to work seamlessly with Vidgo. You'll also enjoy the ability to enjoy Vidgo through Android devices, iOS devices, standard tablets, game consoles and many more. The service will even offer the ability to record your favorite shows and broadcasts via a cloud-based DVR feature.

Other Vidgo Features

With Vidgo's over-the-top streaming service, you won't have to settle for puny video or audio quality. Full, high resolution TV and movies is the rule here. Some streaming services do not guarantee crystal-clear quality, but Vidgo's guarantee is simple: provide a superior service at a very affordable price.
The on-demand catalogue available via Vidgo will contain countless movies and television shows, much like your favorite streaming services that exist today. The primary difference between Vidgo and the competition, however, is that you'll be able to stream live television and local television along with your favorite TV shows and movies.

Benefits of Using Vidgo

You won't have to worry about lengthy contracts or high prices with Vidgo's service. There will be no commitment as far as long-term agreements: pay for as much Vidgo as you want, when you want. Traditional cable services require that you agree to one, two or even three-year contracts to lock in a fair price. Who has time for that?

You'll also be able to avoid all of the hidden and extra fees that come with traditional cable subscriptions. With many providers, you'll need to either rent or purchase additional cable boxes for each television in the house in order to receive high-definition clarity. With Vidgo, any device connected to the internet will work seamlessly with it. This means high-definition TVs, laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

What Customers Demand in the 21st Century

The nature of television has changed. Vidgo is one player in the game who is hearing those cries for change.

First and foremost, people expect reasonable prices. The notion of paying £100 per month or more for standard cable service is laughable to a generation who grew up in the age of free music and online streaming.

Viewers also expect the ability to use their services not just across multiple devices, but across multiple devices simultaneously without additional cost. This is a huge element of Vidgo's strategy: to fully replicate the cable experience in a modern way.

Additionally, customers expect that any streaming service works with older and existing devices on the market. After all, it is not so much of a bargain to pay for an inexpensive monthly subscription if you need to spend large sums of money to bring your television or other devices up to par.
Inevitably, this service will launch and its success will be determined by a picky audience of entertainment lovers. With lower prices, more flexible viewing options and comprehensive coverage of local and syndicated television, Vidgo is positioning itself in a big way for the long-term as a potential competitor against services like Netflix.