Vienna Girardi: Cheating On Jake Or Just A Fame Seeker?

'Bachelor' couple Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi just announced the end of their engagement and rumors are swirling that Vienna's infidelity had something to do with it.

Jake believed Vienna was cheating on him with Gregory Michael (pic, right) of the ABC Family show 'Greek' after she flirted with Gregory at a recent event, sources from 'The Bachelor' told TMZ. See a photo of Vienna and Gregory together here.

For her part Vienna denies the cheating rumors. "The accusations of me cheating are completely fabricated. 100% False," she tweeted on Tuesday.

Right before the split was announced Vienna was all smiles as she got her hair and makeup done at a salon in LA. See the picture here. During her treatment she kept running into the bathroom to take phone calls, TMZ reports.

TMZ spoke with Vienna's stepmom Lisa, who met Jake on his hometown date and never believed his relationship with Vienna was real.

"I don't think [Jake] ever really loved her ... I think he picked her because she is a dramatic person and it was good for the ratings," Lisa said. "In real life, they never kissed, didn't have a romantic relationship and he never told her that he loved her."

Jake was lying about their relationship in recent days at the very least, HollywoodLife.com reports. He told writers on the set of 'Drop Dead Diva,' where he was filming a scene, that "they had a great relationship," even though a source told the site the couple broke up a month ago.

Jake tells TMZ that he's "saddened by the whole thing," and that "of course" he has spoken to Vienna today as they will always remain friends.