Vienna's Music in the Air

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Stepping out of my hotel in Vienna on my first hour in Europe (clearly still a bit bleary with jet lag), I'm confronted by free culture on the street for the average Joe -- it's Puccini, a live videocast just outside where it's being performed at the Vienna State Opera house. This is one of many ways Vienna brings culture to its people...and one of many ways this city inspires me.

By the way, with this post I kick off Part Two of my 100 posts in 100 days coverage of my travel season. For July and August I'll be posting daily from Vienna and Munich, from our My Way Alpine Europe tour (Salzburg to Chamonix), from England (as we shoot three new TV shows) and -- for a wild finale -- from the Palio, Siena's famous horse race. You and your traveling friends are welcome to stow away with me, right here on my travel blog, on what promises to be a great trip.

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