VietJetAir, Vietnamese Airline, Fined For In-Flight Bikini Show (VIDEO)

08/09/2012 09:36am ET | Updated August 13, 2012

Vietnamese airline VietJetAir was hit with a fine by Vietnamese aviation officials for putting on an in-flight bikini show.

The budget carrier staged the "production" to celebrate its maiden flight between Ho Chi Minh City and the tourist area of Nha Trang, reports The show involved local beauty pageant candidates performing a three-minute, Hawaiian-themed dance clad in yellow and red bikinis and sarongs.

However, because the airline failed to secure permission for the show, it was fined $1,000.

"They should have registered [with us] before they held the show," Thang said. "This is the first time an airline has organized a bikini dance aboard a flight in Vietnam," Nguyen Trong Than, chief inspector of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, told Times Live.

But, according to VietNamNet, no safety regulations were broken by allowing passengers to film the show, as their phones were in "movie mode only."

‘It was the first flight to a beach town, so we came up with the idea of getting a number of girls in bikinis to dance and make passengers happy to improve our customer service," a VietJetAir official said in the Daily Mail.

Warning: Some of the song lyrics are sexually suggestive.

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