'The View' Co-Hosts Mock John Boehner For Crying In '60 Minutes' Interview (VIDEO)

'View' Ladies Mock John Boehner For Crying In '60 Minutes

John Boehner's interview on "60 Minutes" has drawn a lot of attention for the number of times the incoming Speaker of the House cries in it. On Monday's "View," all the co-hosts except Elisabeth Hasselbeck took turns mocking Boehner for his copious tears.

Barbara Walters was the first to lay into Boehner.

"This guy has an emotional problem," she said. "Every time he talks about anything that's not 'raise taxes,' he cries." That sent the audience into gales of laughter. Walters continued, "If you had seen Nancy Pelosi all these past years crying, what would you say? [You'd say] she's got a problem."

Joy Behar said she called Boehner the "Weeper of The House," and that, in her view, he only cried when he was talking about his life, but had "very little empathy for people who are in that position now."

Hasselbeck objected to this.

"Let's not crucify a man for getting emotional," she said. "He's probably a fine man who cares and if he wants to give small businesses tax breaks so they can hire somebody so they can have a job...you can't just brush him like that and say that he's a bad guy."


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