Views From The Sexy: The Drake Sketchbook That Will Make Drizzy Fans Cry Salty Tears Of Joy

*Insert Drake "dad dance" here.*

Since it was released on April 29, Drake's fourth full-length album "Views from the 6" has been streamed over 1 billion times. Given the moody introspection and wallowing heartache that goes down on the 82-minute record, that's pretty much the equivalent of a billion people reading your diary. 

Just when you thought one Champagne Papi was on the verge of overexposing his insides, an illustrated sketchbook is here to divert our attention to other important matters, such as Drake's sweet, sweet face. Titled Sketches From the Six, it's sure to help with those Drake withdrawals during those rare minutes "One Dance" isn't playing on the radio. 

"I’ve always been me, I guess I know myself," a wise man (Drake) once said. Now you can get to know the brooding rap star as well, thanks to rad illustrations by artists including Brendan Mulligan, Kelsey Wroten, Jason Sturgill and more. The sketchbook also comes full of inspirational Drizzy quotes, so you'll never have to feel alone in the shame that results from drunk texting your ex again.

Check out some illustrations from the book below, and purchase a copy from Champion Illustration here. 

  • Grace Danico
  • Brendan Mulligan
  • Jason Sturgill
  • Marja de Sanctis
  • Jason Sturgill
  • Anneka Lange

Oh, and there's also a Drake coloring book:



Drake Coloring Book