Watch Viggo Mortensen Go Off The Grid In This 'Captain Fantastic' Clip

You've never seen Aragorn like this before. JK, you have.

Ever wondered what it would be like to raise your kids off the grid? To teach them to disavow capitalism, skin animals for sustenance and celebrate Noam Chomsky’s birthday as though it were Christmas? Maybe don’t do that if your father-in-law is anything like Frank Langella in this “Captain Fantastic” clip, exclusive to The Huffington Post.

Viggo Mortensen plays Ben, the free-spirited parent in the movie, which was written and directed by Matt Ross ― whom you know as Galvin Belson from “Silicon Valley” ― and Alby Grant from “Big Love.” When Ben’s wife dies, he and his six kids must leave their flower-power enclave in the Pacific Northwest and re-assimilate with society. Things do not always go well for them, as evidenced in Ben’s confrontation with his father-in-law, who challenges Ben’s parenting and demands he takes the kids away. A war of philosophies ensues between the two. Catch a glimpse of it in the clip below, and see the entire triumphant story when “Captain Fantastic” expands nationwide throughout July.



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