Viking Costume For Kid In Wheelchair Wins Halloween

This parent better clear some shelf space because she’s set herself up for a lifetime of taking home costume-contest awards.

For the first time ever, Cheezburger user catlady4eva incorporated her young daughter’s wheelchair into her Halloween getup -- and it’s amazing.

The resourceful parent dressed her kid in all the trappings a Viking ready to fight could possibly need – complete with a ship that’s ready to sail. She posted the picture with a simple note because this kind of creativity doesn’t need much more explanation than this:

“My daughter was born with Spina Bifida. This is her first wheelchair costume for Halloween.”

viking costume wheelchair

It didn’t take long for Cheezburger users to vote this submission to the site’s WIN! page.

“Some parents are so clever!” one commenter wrote. “I bet this girl feels like the biggest badass in the costume contest.”

We’ll put our money on that, too.



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