Viking River Cruises Hannity Ads Sink Low

In an era when President Trump and his propaganda army constantly abuse the media, we need to use our voices and dollars to express our displeasure. That’s why my father decided to voice his displeasure with a favorite travel brand -- Viking River Cruises -- for supporting the Hannity show. His most recent letter is below.

Much has been said about Fox News and in particular Sean Hannity’s blatant propaganda supporting President Trump’s many wrongs. What’s worse is that he and Rupert Murdoch can get away with it, that is until someone proves that Trump is feeding Hannity and Fox messages directly.

In the past I have voiced my concerns with brands who backed Breitbart News. It’s why I decided to use this blog to air my father’s ongoing grievance with Viking River Cruises’ Hannity ads.

Brands can’t expect customers to ignore financial support of ultra-conservative propaganda. If a brand doesn’t care about ethics and principals then they don’t deserve our business.

With that, here is Tom Livingston’s Viking River Cruises letter to Joost Ouendag, Vice President of Marketing for Viking River Cruises:

December 21, 2017
Dear Mr. Ouendag:
I’m writing to urge Viking to stop advertising on Sean Hannity’s show. I’ve read the rationale that it is Hannity’s audience Viking wants to reach rather than endorsing his views. But sir, please find a different way to reach those folks.
Hannity has become a propagandist for disinformation and in attacking the Special Counsel’s office, spreading rumors and innuendo, he is seeking to undermine the rule of law in America. I suggest to you that a 1930s Germany analogy is no longer far fetched, and that Viking would hardly support a leading voice for that campaign of lies.
What also disturbs me is that I have offered this viewpoint as a Viking customer several times using your online forms and through my Viking agent, and have not received the courtesy of an acknowledgement. This seems arrogant, though I suspect it reflects a breakdown in your customer relations mechanism.
I understand that some in Hannity’s audience have attacked advertisers who have withdrawn from the show. But please, have the courage to do the right thing! Frankly, when I go on my next Viking River Cruise next spring, I am going to feel slimed knowing that Viking is supporting an ultra-right-wing demagogue.
Tom Livingston

If you’d like to voice your displeasure with Viking River Cruises, contact them here.

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