'Vikings' Finale: Michael Hirst Previews The End, Plus First Look At Ragnar And Lagertha's Dangerous Trips (VIDEO)

'Vikings' Finale: 'Huge Surprises & Shock' In Store

The season finale of History's "Vikings" sees both Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and his wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) taking potentially dangerous trips.

In Sunday's episode, King Horik (Donal Logue) asks Ragnar to travel to Gotaland (modern-day Sweden) in order to resolve a land dispute, and the new alliance between the men could be put to the test.

Closer to home, Lagertha has to contend with a sickness that sweeps the village, and she visits the seer to find out what the gods want from her people. In the exclusive scene above, Lagertha begins to learn what visions have been revealed to the seer.

Speaking of Donal Logue, History has confirmed that he will be back for the show's second season, which has already been ordered by the network.

The Huffington Post recently spoke to "Vikings" creator Michael Hirst about the series and what fans can expect from Season 2. The second half of that conversation will be posted on Sunday night following the "Vikings" season finale, but Hirst previewed how he approached the episode before it airs. The writer/producer admited that many of the events in the finale, titled "All Change," were likely to come as a "huge surprise and perhaps even a shock to the faithful audience who’ve invested so much in the characters and in the relationships."

Though Hirst was hesitant to reveal any specifics about the episode, he teased that "in this final episode, most of the characters are in jeopardy of one kind or another. They’re in physical jeopardy; they’re in spiritual jeopardy; their lives or their relationships are in jeopardy. There are a lot of things that one wouldn't really expect were going to happen that do happen and, in a way, change the whole nature of the show we’ve been watching. The kinds of relationships that we expected to endure are about change."

Could those changes have anything to do with the mysterious woman glimpsed in the previews for the finale (one of which is above)? Hirst conceded, "We can’t hide from the fact that another woman enters Ragnar’s life, whether there's ... personal planning that’s gone into it or whether it’s the plan of the gods, we don’t know."

Since Lagertha miscarried in Episode 7, Hirst pointed out, "Ragnar has been trying to understand what the gods have in store for him and if they’re trying to tell him things. He's in a kind of despair ... he’s been promised a lot of sons and he doesn’t know now whether Lagertha can give him those sons or if it’s a false prophecy. Another beautiful young woman unexpectedly walks into his life and he has to deal with it, and his family has to deal with it."

The "Vikings" season finale airs Sunday, April 28 at 10 p.m. ET on History.

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