'Vikings' Finale Preview: Creator Michael Hirst On The Big Showdown

The eventful Season 2 finale of "Vikings" airs Thursday, and the creator of the History show has a warning for fans.

"Expect the unexpected," executive producer Michael Hirst said in an interview with HuffPost TV. "This is a show in which you have to be very alert to the motives and the characters of all the major players. And unlike other shows, perhaps, we don’t write people off easily. If you’re invested in the characters, then you’re entitled to expect that they have an organic and proper destiny. I don’t do anything for effect. Whatever I do is not just to shock people. It’s to do something real and to hopefully cement the relationship between the audience and the characters."

Going into the finale, Ragnar, a rising Viking earl, and Horik, king of all the Vikings, have a lot of complicated history between them. In the finale, both men and their retinues are in Kattegat, Ragnar's home turf, and though there are some celebratory moments -- and even some quiet time between Ragnar and Athelstan -- there's a lot of political drama as well. As the promo for "The Lord's Prayer" warns, someone is going to die. Who will it be?

Come back to HuffPost TV Friday for an extensive interview with Hirst -- he will discuss the major events of the finale and talk about what's next for Ragnar and his traveling band of Vikings. Trust me, there's a lot of exciting stuff to come for the "Vikings" crew.

The Season 2 finale of "Vikings" airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on History.