Vilet Patricia Torrez Missing: Police Inspect Bricks At Her Miramar Home; Estranged Husband Loses Custody Of Children (VIDEO)

Police are following new leads in the disappearance of South Florida resident Vilet Patricia Torrez, while her children have been removed from the custody of her estranged husband.

Torrez, a Miramar mother of three, was last seen leaving a friend's house the night of Friday, March 30, according to police. Her company car was found in the parking lot of her apartment complex, but the 38-year-old bath remodeling specialist didn't show up for work over the weekend and hasn't made contact with relatives.

Estranged husband Cid Torrez, who picked up the children from his wife Friday afternoon, reported her missing on Monday.

The children were put into the custody of their maternal grandparents Thursday night after an anonymous call to the Florida Department of Children and Families. CBS Miami reports the caller told authorities Cid Torrez had a gun and was threatening to "end it all," which his attorney dismissed as hearsay.

Investigators were unable to find a gun at the home, but a judge Friday morning ruled the children would stay with Vilet Torrez' parents and have supervised visitation with their father for the time being, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Though Mirimar Police have said Cid Torrez is not a particular suspect and has been cooperating with the investigation, a Broward Sheriff's Office investigator with Child Protective Services referred to him as "a person of interest" in court testimony, according to the Sun-Sentinel's report.

Also on Thursday, detectives executed a search warrant on Vilet Torrez' townhouse, appearing to examine closely bricks from around the front door before removing and bagging them for further investigation.

Though police have not yet confirmed any appearance of foul play in Torrez' disappearance, family members say she is unlikely to go missing on her own.

“She would never leave those children,” sister Nayiva Blanco told CBS. “Those children are her life, her life. She would do anything. Go through hell for them."