Village Idiots UNITE!!!

Undoubtedly many of you received the same letter that I did this week. It was an appeal from the National Society of Village Idiots humbly requesting that social commentators, analysts, pundits and educators to please stop referring to the President of the United States as an idiot, because this name-calling was only giving idiots a bad name.

In recent months similar appeals have gone out from other organizations representing various segments of this large and growing community in our country. The Numbskulls of America sent a particularly heartbreaking brochure documenting the pain caused to innocent and law-abiding numbskulls across our country by being taunted and teased on the job.

"It is demeaning," said Larry Mo-Curly, CFO of the Numbskulls of America, in a recent interview with NPR, "to have the proud moniker 'numbskull' linked to someone like the President."

The controversy reached a fever-pitch recently when it was widely reported that the well-respected Secretary of State referred to the President as a "f*cking moron." The usually reticent Harpo Lenin* wrote in an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal: "it was like a kick in the stomick [sic] hereing [sic] that commint [sic]. What a insult to evry [sic] vilij [sic] ideot [sic] in this contry [sic]!"

Mr. Mo-Curly, in his interview, observed that the comments about the President have already had a chilling effect on recruitment to his organization. "What self-respecting idiot wants to be identified with him?" And, as he also observed, the collateral damage to children has been devastating. "I heard a story only last week from a mother of a child who had been bullied at school. Someone in his class had said, 'Hey, Donald, ever think of running for President?' Now, that kind of damage to a child's psyche might be permanent."

The concerns being raised by these and other national advocacy organizations for the stupid and uninformed need to be heard. But it is leaving many in the media with a question: If the President of the United States cannot be referred to as an idiot, as stupid, as a numbskull or a moron, how are we accurately to describe him?


* Harpo Lenin is the village idiot previously known as Harpo Marx in honor of his father's favorite actor; he changed his name to honor his favorite Beatle. Unfortunately, because of his dependence on phonics, he misspelled his new last name.

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