Village Voice Strike Averted

Village Voice Strike Averted

On Tuesday, we reported that the Village Voice was set to strike. An agreement was reached late Thursday night (two hours before the midnight deadline) and all seems to be worked out at the paper -- for now, at least.

Village Voice spokesperson Tony Ortega told The Washington Post:

Our number one concern was that the Voice employees join the same healthcare plan as the rest of the company. Their top concern seemed to be that VVM continue to pay their health premiums. Both of those things happened, and I’m really glad to say we have another three-year contract.

Voice writers, who had threatened to set-up a competing Tumblr should they be moved to strike, are now getting "100 percent of their monthly premium paid by management."

These negotiations will hopefully compensate for the recent reduction in annual salaries, as well as in staff (which have been cut by an estimated 60%).

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