Villanova Fake Punt Fools Boston College, ESPN Camera Crew, Leads to 47-Yard Touchdown (VIDEO)

WATCH: Amazing Fake Punt Fools Everyone (Including Cameraman)

Not only did Boston College not see this fake punt from Villanova coming but the ESPN camera crew nearly missed it actually happening. The Wildcats jumped out to a surprising 7-0 lead in Chestnut Hill, Mass., with a deftly executed fake punt in the first quarter on Saturday afternoon.

With BC expecting a punt, Villanova wide receiver Jamal Abdur-Rahman received the snap just a few yards off the line of scrimmage. He then placed the ball on the ground and mimed snapping it back to another teammate, who broke toward the home sideline. With the Eagles' special teamers in pursuit of his teammate, Abdur-Rahman went the other way and ran nearly untouched for the 47-yard score.

"Nobody knew he had the ball but now he has the end zone" hollered ESPN announcer Ryan Ruocco.


Despite ending up on the wrong end of one the top plays of the opening weekend of college football, Boston College would prevail 24-14.

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