Watch Vin Diesel Sing 'See You Again' To Pay Tribute To Paul Walker

The actor gave a touching speech while accepting the PCA for Favorite Action Movie and Favorite Movie.

Vin Diesel shared yet another touching tribute to his friend and former co-star, the late Paul Walker, during the People's Choice Awards last night. 

While accepting the awards for Favorite Action Movie and Favorite Movie, for "Furious 7," the actor couldn't help but get a little emotional. 

"I was cool while I was sitting in my seat, and then they handed me two awards, one for Favorite Action Movie and one for Favorite Film. You all thought this was your favorite film," Vin said during his speech. “I think of Dom and Brian, and I start to think of Paul." 

Diesel continued by thanking the fans and left the crowd with a touching message.

"You'd be amazed what you can do with love. You'd be amazed at how powerful of a force that is," he said. "When we didn't want to come back to filming, when the tragedy was too heavy, it was the love of everyone combined that saw us through to the end, and now I'm standing here with all of you telling me this was your favorite film of the year." 

The actor then broke out into Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's "See You Again," which was featured on the "Furious 7" soundtrack. Watch the entire speech below:

Diesel has sung the song in honor of Walker before: the first time being at the 2015 MTV VMAs and then during an interview. The track is also nominated for a Golden Globe, so there's a chance we might get to see the actor belt it out one more time on Sunday. 

We'll be watching. 

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